Avra Talent Testimonials

Avra Talent Testimonials

It’s so important to us that people benefit from the work we do. We want our testimonials to tell a story – one that inspires and motivates those reading it.

So, let’s get started, because who doesn’t want to hear happy words of praise?!

Thank you so much for the check-in email! You guys have been amazing! You managed to hire fast even for the most difficult positions! Your team is super responsive, asks questions when needed, and provides a very nice experience to our candidates. I would rate your team at 10 out of 10. Thank you to all of you! You have a very cool team and I enjoy working with all of you! 🙂 

Tatiana Marin, Operations Manager Kruze Consulting

Very organized, responsive, communicative. Nimble, adaptable, and helped us adapt the process over time as we learned new things. Helped us identify what candidates would want from us — and adapt both the JD and the interview process to lead with our strengths. Fantastic work sourcing! Both in terms of knowing which job boards to use, but also with the outbound. We would never have reached any of these candidates without you. Great about only showing candidates that met the high bar to use our time well. Went above and beyond to learn what we were looking for — sometimes we didn’t actually know, so you helped us figure that out too. Perfect mix of fun and professional

Lisa Conn, Cofounder & COO of Gatheround

The Avra team is a group of A-players that knows how to find A-players. They ran an incredibly tight process that was both respectful of our time and appropriately informative. And of course, they found us some incredible candidates. We highly recommend them.

J.J. Colao, Founder + CEO, Haymaker

I am so glad I hired Avra Talent! The Avra team was proactive, responsive, and overall enjoyable to work with. I trusted them to understand our needs, represent our organizational mission and culture to candidates, and find the perfect candidates for our open positions. They saved me weeks of my time and helped ensure that we had the right talent in place!

Jessica Pham, Director of Operations, Nomi Network

As a founder, we’re all busy and hiring is just another thing that seems like a daunting task when your plate is already full. Maren and her strong team took the stress out of the hiring process and assured me that they would handle the heavy lifting of vetting resumes and screening the candidates. We were looking to hire our first SDR (which was foreign territory for me) and the AVRA Talent team streamlined the entire process. I was very impressed by their level of professionalism and guidance with each step. Our first SDR hire has been a success and this would have been a difficult time-consuming process for me without Maren and her team. AVRA is a joy to work with and I would recommend them to any founder who is just as busy as I am.

Sean Green, Co-Founder + CEO, Arternal

AVRA Talent Partners learned our culture and requirements — and within 30 days we had three offers out to qualified, amazing candidates. AVRA’s team was responsive, proactive, and hands-on. Highly recommended!

Philip Kaplan, Founder & CEO, DistroKid

I’ve never given a recruiter an NPS of 10, until now; AVRA Talent solves so many hiring problems at once it’s hard to know where to start praising you. AVRA Talent simplifies the process of identifying, interviewing and hiring top-notch remote employees, but they don’t dumb it down. The AVRA Talent team is so well coordinated and expert at communication and guidance throughout the entire hiring process that you’re likely to think you have the HR department of a top Silicon Valley tech company at your disposal. Working with AVRA Talent makes me want to grow my business even more. I can’t wait till we need to make our next hiring sprint so that we can work with AVRA Talent again. In a competitive market for quality remote talent, AVRA Talent stands out with the right balance of technical execution, consulting guidance and just the right pace to make sure you hire top-notch candidates without rushing your decision. As a business owner that has always abhorred the hiring process, but loves people, AVRA Talent was the right combination of technical know-how and down-to-earth, truly helpful recruiting consultants. Having worked with hyper-growth tech startups and demanding venture capital firms for nearly two decades, I know AVRA Talent is the best solution for startups to hire quality remote teams, rapidly, cost-effectively and with high confidence of long-term success

Matthew Stotts, CEO at Tenor PR

You did great. It was a quick, smooth process. I would recommend you to others.

Chris Nicholson, CEO at Skymind

I was impressed by your thoroughness and how on top of the project you were. You also took the time to really understand the company and the role, which was great. I have high hopes for this candidate we hired. I hope we end up working together again.

Mike Chen, CEO at Magic

I’m so pleased with how much Avra helped me in finding a candidate. Instead of being overwhelmed with over 300 candidates, we had the opportunity to focus on very quality people and select a really excellent person to join our team.

Natalie Nagele, Co-Founder + CEO at Wildbit


Updated: December 12, 2021 

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