Avra Talent’s Connectors Program

The AVRA Connectors Program

At AVRA one of our core values is alignment. This value impacts the way we run our searches, hire and promote our people and interact with our clients. We strive for a win-win-win. The Avra Talent’s Connectors program was born out of this ideal. It’s an invite-only program that empowers highly-connected and well-respected individuals to introduce Avra to potential clients and candidates who we could help; while earning a commission on each placement we make.

Who do we serve?

For growing startups from 5 to 50, AVRA Talent quickly and effectively fills open roles, while advising on strategy and implementing best practices; to lay a recruiting foundation that will scale.

What makes AVRA different from a traditional recruiting firm?

We pair each client with a dedicated team of hiring specialists, augmented by Domain Experts with real-world experience in the roles you need to fill. This allows us to handle 80% of the hiring process while delivering qualified candidates fast.

  • Culture first: We focus on understanding your mission, vision, and values, first. This way we can authentically represent your culture and craft a candidate journey that positively represents your brand.
  • Focus on fit: With the help of our Domain Experts, we work with you to understand what success looks like for each role and how it fits into the company’s overarching goals—so you always get the best person for the right role.
  • Each role is a fresh search: We cast a wide net through inbound and outbound efforts and run a process that is thorough, diverse, and produces consistent results.

Our unique approach aligns incentives and produces better results, in less time, as evidenced by our NPS score of 87 and testimonials from happy clients.

What kind of person makes a good Connector?

  1. High integrity – AVRA Connectors do what they say they will do. They get every job done in an exemplary manner.
  2. Incremental networks – The Connectors’ networks expand AVRA’s overall network in terms of industries and geographies.
  3. Feel-good salesmanship – Connectors get people excited about AVRA’s services without ever being pushy or tarnishing AVRA’s brand.
  4. Impeccable character – AVRA’s Connectors are deeply respected. When their name is mentioned, praise for their character abounds.

The compensation for Connectors

Connectors receive a commission on all placement fees AVRA collects from the clients they refer.

  • 15% of recruiting fees earned within 12 months of AVRA signing a client
  • 10% of recruiting fees earned between 12 and 24 months of AVRA signing a client

How does AVRA’s fee structure work?

Placement fees are between 15-18% of first year’s base salary; depending on the number of roles hired through AVRA within a 12-month rolling period.

  • Up to 2 placements = 18%
  • 3-5 placements = 16%
  • 6 or more placements = 15%

What is the profile of an ideal client for a Connector to refer?

AVRA focuses on startups (usually within the 5 to 50 range, but occasionally larger) who need to hire non-engineering talent, fast. These companies, typically, have raised a Seed, Series A or B, and are looking to hire at least three (3) new people per quarter.

What kind of support does AVRA provide to Connectors?

AVRA makes it easy for Connectors to refer new clients and keep track of their progress, including:

  1. An onboarding call: An AVRA executive will demonstrate how to pitch AVRA and connect prospective clients while answering all of the Connector’s questions
  2. Materials: Email templates and a one-page overview of AVRA to share with prospects
  3. Bi-monthly email: These updates from AVRA include exciting news, success stories, and progress reports on the clients each Connector has introduced

How often are Connectors paid?

A Connector is paid within 30-days of AVRA receiving a placement fee from a client introduced by the Connector.


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